Hanger Bombs – Perfect Snack Recipe

Hanger bombs

No more hunger-induced edginess! If you aren’t nourished properly, chances are it’s impacting your mood. And, let’s be honest, none of us need another reason to feel edgy. Make this Hanger Bombs and say TTYL to that hunger/anger drama and get back to living your happy LSF life.

It’s important that you know how freaking EASY it is to get both healthy fats and fiber in a snack. With a little intentionality and about 10 minutes, you can have a go-to treat to get you through cravings, workouts, busy days — you name it!

But the Calories!

In addition, I want to talk for a sec about calories. Because I already know there are a few girls out there reading this like, “Um, no, I am not eating this much peanut butter. So fattening! So many calories!” Remember who you’re talking to! Your girl was the queen of calorie counting back in the day. The unchallenged champion of knowing how many grams of fat were in that, and how much sugar was in this. I used to watch my calorie intake like none other. Want to know how well that worked out for me? I was 45 pounds heavier than I am now and MISERABLE. 

Because all I was ever thinking about was food, I was so much more aware of my cravings and of the “bad” food I was missing out on. Once I started eating how my body wanted to eat, it because so much easier to just move on and get back to my veggies. And these hanger bombs are such a prime example: sometimes your body needs more calories! Or you are low on healthy fats! And these guys will come in so clutch. Your cravings will fly away like little butterflies in the wind 😂

Basically, can we just move on past the calorie thing? You were made for SO much more than religiously tracking each and every bite of food. 

High fiber, healthy fat recipe to help you conquer cravings and get rid of that hanger!


1 cup almond butter

1/4 cup cocoa butter  


Pick whatever you want!! I used chai spice and a Superseed Blend from Trader Joe’s. Plus, cacao nibs because they are 👌


Nutiva has come out with some really cool, innovative new products that I used for this recipe! Obviously we all love the chia and hemp seeds of the world, but I have been looking for a good way of getting health fats. MCT stands for Medium chain triglycerides and long, long story short, it’s a kind of fat molecule that our bodies really like to use when they are in fat-burn mode. So you want to make sure you are supplying them! Especially if you are living on the lower carb side of things or intermittent fasting.

Also amazing? The MCT powder has fiber in it! I was already into it because MCT oil can be kinda a pain to use (seriously SO good for you but so oily!!). But when I saw the fiber on the label, I was like 😱As you may know from my keto experiment, eating high fat feels great, but can be weird for your digestive system. So if you enjoy eating less carbs and high fat, this powder might be your lifesaver!

Comment below and lmk how they turn out!! I think you’re gonna love these. 

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