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LSF Baes! Praise be winter is alllmoost over which means it’s time to sweat into spring with this playlist and start getting bikini ready!

Spring is almost here!

scared ilana glazer GIF by Broad City

Spring scaries got you wanting to retreat indoors and declare six more weeks of winter to avoid dusting off that swimsuit? Fear not! I have some verrry exciting news dropping soon to get you nice and slimmed down just in time to be sipping skinny margs on that poolside vacay!

So if you aren’t already….you NEED to get on the list. The LSF newsletter is coming in hot with some MAJOR announcements you do not wanna miss….


Gotta stay home and work?

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K so maybe don’t do that ;), but just think how prepared you’ll be for summer by kicking your workouts into high gear now while all your non LSF friends try to drop 10 with a 5 day juice cleanse (NEVER A GOOD IDEA- DON’T EVER EVER DO IT)!

Or… you could be a super great friend and invite them to join #TeamLSF with you!

once upon a time dont do it GIF

So time to pump these fresh jams, up-level your workouts, and get into a spring break state of mind!

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March 2019 Sweat Jams




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