Terri’s Fitness Journey Update – Total Gym Pulse

My first measurements were taken on August 2, 2018 and I did not take them again until February 2019. In six months, I have lost 10 pounds and 17 inches!!! My clothes are fitting better, my posture is better, and I just plain feel better. People are starting to notice a little bit now, too.

I took measurements of areas that some might consider odd, but that were a concern to me. For example, I am measuring around my elbows (what I call grandmother elbow fat), around my knees (a super sensitive area for me that drives me insane and I can’t wait for it to go away), and around my ankles and upper arms. I don’t know how many inches I still have to lose….but it will be interesting to see how much I lose each month now.

One change that I noticed this past month is that my shoulder pain is greatly reduced by starting to use the wing attachment on daily basis and doing pull-ups and chin-ups. I had actually been considering to buy a fairly expensive pillow to help me sleep and now don’t need to!

Another benefit is that my eating habits are healthier and I consume very little alcohol now. I used to have a few drinks during the week and on the weekend. Now, I have no desire for alcohol, and if I do have some, one or two glasses of wine over the week are more than enough.

57 – That’s the age that I started to work out on a consistent basis. 57! Lots of people have exercised their whole life – but not me. It’s never too late to start. Whether it’s to lose weight, get off/ prevent starting to take medications or to fit into that dress or pair of pants, just do it. Every time another year would go bye I would wonder why I was so lazy and didn’t do anything about my health the previous year. Don’t do what I did! Remember – “A year from now you’ll wish that you had started today”.

Total Gym has models that can fit anyone’s budget. If I can do it, you can too.

Goals for next month:

  1. add in 2 more exercises to the routine

  2. eat healthy (low carbs – healthy carbs)

Come follow my progress monthly this year! See you next month!

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