Total Gym Butt and Gut Workout

Have the holiday’s gotten the best of your body leaving you with fun memories and a little ‘extra fluff’ on your waistline?


Extra weight sneaks on quickly from all the festive gatherings.  Go ahead … blame it on too many good foods and tasty cocktails wreaking havoc on your diet, but know you can get back into better shape than where you left off pre-holiday’s.



It’s the perfect time to get your ‘butts’ back in gear and shape up that waistline with a good booty liftin’ and core slimming workout that will shape, sculpt, and tone these stubborn areas. Plus, your backside and torso will look and feel great as you ‘strut your stuff’.


Your Total Gym is ideal to train your butt and gut in minimal time. This simple yet challenging routine is sure to make you feel the burn where you need it most. So, if you have developed a flat, round, or saggy butt with a de-conditioned core, you can turn that around if you stay committed to a plan!



You can expect some great benefits when focusing your energy on exercises targeted  for great glutes and a chiseled core. Here are just a few to get you motivated to move:


  • Improves posture
  • Feel better in your clothes
  • Decrease back/ hip/ knee pain
  • Stronger lower back and tighter core
  • Rounding, tightening, toning the backside
  • Sculpt sexy muscles for a great ‘rear’ view
  • A tight waistline makes the hips look curvy
  • Accelerate fat loss by gaining lean muscle
  • Develop a sculpted midsection & a toned tush
  • Reduced belly fat is better for your overall health
  • Glute exercises also conditions the core muscles
  • Strong, toned, and sculpted muscles develops confidence
  • Glute exercises simultaneously condition the thighs, hamstrings, and calves
  • Core strength is utilized in everything you do!


Bonus Benefit: Using your Total Gym to target both the glutes and abs also challenges your arms and stabilizer muscles, making this a great total body workout burn!



This workout targets the glutes and core muscles in a variety of angles.  The exercises are sequenced in a circuit that flows from one to the next by combining movements that are efficient, effective, and produce results.



  • Learn the exercises in the order listed so that the workout flows efficiently.
  • Execute each exercise with control and proper form.
  • Perform in circuit format with little to no rest between exercises.
  • Perform 20 reps per exercise and on each side.
  • Repeat the circuit as many times as your schedule



Goal: total body movements to prepare and warm-up the glutes and core


Medium- Low Incline, Squat Stand Attached

  1. Straddle Squat & Rotate
  2. Bridge Press
  3. Quadruped Glute Press (Rt/Lt Leg)




Focus: Lengthening and strengthening the core and glute muscles


Goal: Perform 2 glute exercises on the right leg, followed by 3 core exercises, then repeat the glute exercises on the left leg. This challenges your body to work harder by fatiguing the targeted muscles.


Remove Squat Stand & Connect Cables


  1. Straight Leg Press Back
  2. Side Leg Sweeps



  1. Pullover Crunch
  2. Bicycle Crunch
  3. Straight Leg Lowers (stable arms)



  1. Straight Leg Press Back
  2. Side Leg Sweeps



Goal: Finish the routine with 2 final exercises to burn out those butts and guts!


Remove Cables

  1. Hmstring Extensions
  2. Pike Ups


  • Repeat if time permits.
  • Recover by performing a series of quick stretches to lengthen the muscles and reduce soreness for your next workout.


Be sure to check out the video to see how this workout is performed and how to execute proper form so that you get the most out of your workout. 


This tush tightener, waist whittler routine will set the tone to achieve a flat tummy along with a voluptuous and sexy booty!


Work it, shake it, move it, and enjoy your great results.


Best to you into this New Year,Maria

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